Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not limited to :



Big Data

pseudonymisation mechanisms

Big data foundations

Big data transformations, processing and storage

Big data architectures

Big data semantics, interoperability and mining

Big Data management

Statistical and Scientific Databases


Applications of Big data

Big data software 


Reasoning on Big data

Big Data visualization


Big data analytics for prediction

Big data understanding 


Deep Analytics

Unknown in large Data Graphs


Big data and cloud technologies

Data Mining


Big data and Internet of Things

Data Streams Mining


High performance computing on Big data

Web mining


Scalable access to Big Data

Graph Mining


Big data quality and provenance

Spatial Data Mining 


Big data persistence and preservation

Multimedia Data Mining


Big data protection, integrity, privacy

Security and Information Hiding in Data Mining

Pre-processing Techniques

Parallel and Distributed Data mining Algorithms